International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought

A Summer Course on the History of Concepts in Jerusalem
Academic Director: Prof. Gabriel Motzkin
Coordinator: Sinai Rusinek
Over the course of the history of
Israel, languages and cultures meet, clash and coexist. Dynamic and complex relations exist between political, social and cultural entities within Israel and with the worlds outside. Regarded as a center for religions and peoples, it stands in the heart of various conflicts and controversies. As such, Israel can provide a fascinating field of study for conceptual historical research.
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, an interdisciplinary intellectual center for academic research and its practical implementation, will be holding a Summer Course in the History of Concepts from 7-12 September 2008, which will be given by teachers of Concepta,
International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought. The course will aim to expose Israeli students and researchers to the tools, methods and insights of the field, to provide a framework for feedback, exchange of ideas and scientific collaboration and to facilitate open discussion with a view to promoting the study of the history of concepts in Israel.

The registration to the 2008 Jerusalem summer course is over. Similar courses are planned for the next summers.

For more information please visit the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute website at: or contact the coordinator at [email protected]