International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought

Research Training Seminar – Call for Papers
Towards a New Political History II: The Role of Ideas

Institute of History and Civilization, University of Southern Denmark
Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark
Nordic Centre of Excellence: Nordwel

Date: 18-19 May 2011

Place: University of Southern Denmark, Odense (two hours by train from Copenhagen Airport)

Seminar description

“History is past politics; politics is present history”. For many years, this statement by Sir John Seeley represented everything that was wrong with the “traditional paradigm”. Historians had to go beyond politics. However, the historical study of politics survived, and in recent years, many historians have sought not to overcome the study of politics, but to expand it. The German trend towards a “new political history” (neue Politikgeschichte) seems especially worth mentioning.
As a successor to the 2010 seminar on the more general idea of a new political history, we invite Ph.D.-students as well as senior scholars to explore the more limited topic of the role ideas in political history, especially how ideologies and world views influence political processes and how discussions and positions outside the political sphere influence political history. We have invited four keynote speakers who will bring together methods and insights from intellectual history, political science, and literary theory. In addition to the keynote lectures, there will be two sessions open for Ph.D. presentations of ongoing work on a relevant topic. In case you have a proposal for a presentation, please let us know as soon as possible. There will be issued a diploma (4 ECTS) for such presentations (2,5 ECTS for participation without presentation).

The seminar is an open event with no seminar fee. The organisers will arrange for lunch on both days of the seminar as well as a seminar dinner (please register), and the convenors can assist with practical matters regarding travel and accommodation. For registration contact Mai Hostrup Brunse:



10.30-10.45 Welcome
10.45-12.00 Daniel Béland (Saskatchewan): Ideas and Politics in Time
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.15 Anne-Marie Mai (Odense): Literature as Companion and Critic of the Welfare State
14.15-14.30 Coffee
14.30-16.30 PhD presentations


10.00-11.15 Duncan Bell (Cambridge): Dreamworlds of Empire: Global Governance, Race, and Utopia, 1880-1914
11.15-12.30 Urban Lundberg (Stockholm): Individual Rights and Citizenship in Sweden, 1809–2000
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.30 PhD presentations

Jeppe Nevers, Institute of History & Civilization, University of Southern Denmark
Casper Sylvest, Department of Political Science, University of Southern Denmark
Klaus Petersen, Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark