International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought

NordWel Summer School 2008: "State, Society & Citizen
 - the Multilayered Historicity of the Welfare State"

Date: 21-26 August 2008
Place: Helsinki
NCoE Nordwel in cooperation with the Danish Research School for History and Nordic Research School for Contemporary History are organizing a summer school in Helsinki, 21-26 August 2008.

The summer school is part of the activities of NCoE NordWel:

Old and new perspectives on the welfare state
Welfare States has and can be studied from a number of theoretical and methodological approaches, with various chronological perspectives and with a focus on different empirical phenomena. As stated in the title "State, Society &  Citizen - the Multilayered Historicity of the Welfare State" our aim is to stimulate cross-disciplinary and multi-perspective  discussions on the welfare state as a historical phenomena and concept.
The welfare state is to be understood as a broad concept and papers at the summer school can include papers on welfare institutions; historical and social preconditions; ideas, visions and critiques; transnational and comparative perspectives as well as studies of agents and social movements.

The Summer School will - inspired by new trends with in welfare research - challenge our often very narrow national and contemporary understanding of the welfare state. Our aim is to bring together Ph.D.-students and young
researchers and stimulate a discussion that will challenge and maybe bring us beyond well established concepts and understandings.
The summer school will consist of a mix of guest lectures and workshops and it is designed to PhD-students and young researchers from different backgrounds both within and outside the Nordic countries. The invited guest lectures will be informed later.

More detailed information on the programme, prices and registration procedure will be available later in February 2008 on the NordWel home page at
Organizing committee

Professor Pauli Kettunen, Dept. of Social Science History, University of Helsinki
Professor Pirjo Markkola, Department of History, Åbo Academy University
Professor Klaus Petersen, Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark
Contact: Heidi Haggrén: [email protected], + 358 9 191 24958.