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Quentin Skinner’s new book on Thomas Hobbes's theory of liberty is available. The first thing to meet the eye in Hobbes and Republican Liberty is that Skinner is discussing republican liberty. This is a term he had abandoned on historical grounds, and started  to call this theory of freedom neo-Roman. But in this book he has decided to "adopt the terminology now in general use."

The book is a history of Hobbes’s theory of liberty from Elements of Law (1640) to Leviathan (1651, revised in lat. 1668). The two principal arguments are that Hobbes’s views changed during this period and that his theory was an conscious reaction to republican theory of freedom that was propagated by the republican politicians of the time.

The book is based on lectures Skinner held in the University of Oxford 2002-3.

Take a look at the book in Cambridge University Press.