International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought


The links are1 compiled by Associate Professor Martin J. Burke (The City University of New York). If you have any suggestions concerning the links, please send email to us.

"Anglo-American" Philosophies of Language and History

Begriffsgeschichte: Brunner, Conze, Koselleck and the GG"

Begriffsgeschichte: Joachim Ritter and the HWP

Begriffsgeschichte: Reinhart Koselleck as Historian and Philosopher

Begriffsgeschichte: Rolf Reichardt and the Handbuch


Bielefeld or Cambridge? Jyväskylä and New York?

Cambridge School: Contextualists and Their Critics

Cambridge School: J.G.A. Pocock

Cambridge School: Quentin Skinner

Commentaries on Conceptual History

Conceptual History and Linguistics

Conceptual History and Political Theory

History of Concepts and Intellectual History

History of Concepts: the Dutch Project

History of Concepts: the Finnish Project(s)

History of Concepts: the French School(s)

History of Concepts: the Korean Project

History of Concepts: the Spanish and Ibero-American Project

Online Collections and Journals

Research Resources for the History of Concepts

The Practice of Conceptual History: Essays on Concepts

Varieties of Conceptual Histories

Other Links

  • History of Political and Social Concepts Group (HPSCG)
  • International Society for Intellectual History
  • "Translation" Conference
  • Historisch-Kritsches Wöterbuch des Feminismus
  • HSS 2009 "Introduction to Conceptual History"
  • Journal of the History of Ideas
  • Crossroads: Writing Conceptual History Beyond the Nation-State
  • Centre for Political Ideologies, Oxford University
  • New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
  • United Nations Intellectual History Project
  • International Dictionary of Intellectual Historians
  • CERPHI [Centre d'Etudes en Philosophie, Rhetorique et Historie des Idees]
  • Grupo de Historia das Ideias e Conceitos Politicos
  • Folger Institute, Center for the History of British Political Thought
  • St. Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas
  • University of Jyvaskyla, Political Thought and Conceptual Change Centre
  • Transnational Concepts, Transfers and the Challenge of the Peripheries [HPSCG 2007Conference, Instanbul]
  • Global-Historical Diffusion of Western Concepts, HPSCG 11th Conference